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Mi Mundo de Colores

A Spanish Immersion Program in Brooklyn, New york

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At Mi Mundo de Colores, we make sure each child gets special attention and an equal opportunity to be enriched with textures, sounds, sights, emotional intelligence, culture, body movement, and lots of smiles. 

Take a look at all the different activities we do - and there are many more!



We throw parties for the children to celebrate their birthdays. To prepare, we start a week or so in advance by making the piñatas from scratch. All the kids get to help with the paper maché balloon, then when it's time to celebrate, they all get to take turns hitting the piñata.


OUr Mission: To develop Joy & proficiency in the Spanish language & Culture in a Healthy & creative learning environment


Mi Mundo de Colores

My World of Colors

A Spanish immersion program in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.



Children learn through song, dance, art, movement, & play...


All instruction & care is in the Spanish language. 



They build skills & confidence to make them stronger & happier individuals.


It is not necessary for children to speak Spanish beforehand as they transition naturally with the rest of the children.


Kids Speak In Spanish to Each Other

This group is special because they really do speak Spanish ALL DAY LONG!


We sing songs, do art projects, thematic units, field trips, yoga, dancing, celebrations, gardening, enjoy nature, eat healthy, and more.



Children make piñatas for birthdays & have parties for each child with cultural music & dance.

Full Body Movement

They practice cultural dances & sing songs to go along with them & even learn some thematic choreography.

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La Profesora

Playing El muñeco roto - The broken doll


over 20 years of experience working with children


Spanish & General Education Teacher at Park Slope Childcare Collective (7 years)

Teacher at Mi Casita in Bed Stuy (3 years)

Infuses Hispanic Cultures into curriculum

She is native of Peru infuses the curriculum with her culture and the many other rich Spanish-speaking cultures in the world.

Daily Routine creates Structure

Susi starts every day with Circle Time and has a special song for many activities - from washing hands to climbing stairs safely.

Kind, Sensitive and Nurturing

She is especially gifted in working with little ones and has been known to transform kids with behavioral sensitivities and help them to build security and confidence.

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La Rutina Diaria

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Daily schedule is a general idea of the routine and is subject to change.

Regular School Year Hours

Monday through Thursday we are open from 9 to 6 pm.

Fridays are from 9 to 5 pm.

School Holidays

Holiday List - When School is Closed


October 9 – Columbus Day

November 10  – Veterans’ Day

November 23 & 24 – Thanksgiving

December 25 - January 1 – Winter Recess


January 15 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 19 - 23 – Mid-Winter Recess

March 30 - April 6  – Spring Recess

May 28 – Memorial Day


July 4 - Independence Day



De A. G.:
My daughter started with Vilma (Susi’s sister) and Susi when my daughter was 16 months. It was not easy for either of us but Vilma and Susi took such good care of her right from day one. Their genuine love for her made me feel like leaving her with them was more like something special that I could do for her, rather than just a safe place to spend the hours that I was working. At that age I wanted a safe, nurturing environment that she would be happy to go to. They gave her that and so much more. As she grew, our needs expanded. Both Vilma and Susi are just as good with babies and toddlers as they are with preschoolers. Their energy and patience are boundless and they are highly skilled educators that have taught my daughter so much. She speaks Spanish and has been exposed to art and dance and music.  She is now almost 5 and she still spends a few afternoons a week with them. We are so lucky to have found them. I can not recommend Vilma and Susi enough.

De J. T.:
Susi is an AMAZING teacher. My daughter, has been with her for almost 2 years now and she has given her both stability and joy. She taught her to actually speak Spanish, unlike other programs out there. It was so important to me for her to learn Spanish, as I am a high school Spanish teacher. She has learned so many skills from Susi, such as negotiating behavior in difficult situations with friends, language, socio-emotional, how to deal with frustration, communicate feelings, etc. Susi communicates regularly with parents about skills the kids can work on outside of school time. She has taught her about the seasons, weather, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, emotions, and much more. I feel so confident leaving my daughter with Susi and I can’t wait to have my second daughter attend Mi Mundo de Colores!

More recommendations coming soon...


We are located in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn in an apartment one block away from Von King Park. We are located at 579 Lafayette Ave. next to the G train stop at Bedford-Nostrand on the Nostrand side, also near to the B44, and B38 buses.


Visit & Apply

If you are interested in visiting us, please email us at

Visits normally happen on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon at 4 pm. Email us to make an appointment.


When you are accepted, you will need to read and sign the agreement here.