The academic year is now from September through the end of July

Mondays - ThursdayS ➜ 9 am - 6 pm

*Fridays ➜ 9 am - 5 pm

July hours end 1 hour earlier


Starting July 31, 2019

full time only

flat weekly rate is $417

5 days a week IS optimal for language learning

children easily become accustomed to the daily routine this way

★ There is an additional, non-refundable fee at the start of enrollment of $20/month for art and supplies, which must be paid (in full) for the rest of the year at start of care. If you start in September, the fee is from September through the end of July.

★ After Hours Fee: $10 extra for every 30 minutes before 9 am or after 6 pm Mondays - Thursdays and after 5 pm on Fridays.

★ Payments are due weekly, even if there are holidays on Friday nights by 11:59 pm.




October 8 – Columbus Day

November 12  – Veterans’ Day

November 22 & 23 – Thanksgiving

December 24 - January 1 – Winter Recess


January 21 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 18 - 22 – Mid-Winter Recess

april 19 - April 26  – Spring Recess

May 27 – Memorial Day


July 4 - Independence Day

Summer Session July 2019

Summer Camp sessions are the same weekly rates as the chart above, but with different hours.

A deposit of 1 month's tuition is required to save your spot and will be used for the last 4 weeks the child is attending.


You can sign up during June and July for as many weeks as you need starting in June*.

You may sign up for a minimum of 2 weeks, though it is recommended to sign up for at least a month full time for optimal language acquisition.


* Space is limited, sign up HERE and put a deposit down to save your spot.

 Next year, July will be part of the full academic year, so families will be obligated to pay all the way through the end of July, regardless of their vacation schedules.

Please plan accordingly!

Age Groups

Ages 1s and 2s (They MUST be able to run and or walk all the way to the park and back)

Ages 2s to 4s

After school care available from ~3:30-6 M-Th / ~3:30 - 5 pm on Fridays