Frequently asked questions


My child doesn't speak Spanish yet, can he still attend?

Yes! So far, all of the children who started with Susi came with no Spanish knowledge. Now they converse with each other and Susi in Spanish.


Do you potty train?

Yes! We work with children when they are ready to potty train. They learn best when surrounded by other children in a similar or more advanced potty-training stage.


Do you do After School Care?

Yes! We are currently doing after school and pick-up from PS 133 is possible at the moment. Ask us if you have a different school and we will see if we can arrange something.

Do you Provide food?

No, not at the moment...Parents pack lunch for kids. Usually, they include 2 healthy snacks and a lunch with a fruit and or veggie. 

What Kind of Holiday schedule do you follow?

We follow a similar schedule as the Department of Education, with a few differences. 


What are the requirements for immunizations?

Please follow this link and look at the column for daycare and nursery here.