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La Profesora

Playing El muñeco roto - The broken doll


has over 18 years of experience working with children

Spanish & General Education Teacher at Park Slope Childcare Collective (7 years)

A Lead Teacher at Mi Casita in Bed Stuy (3 years)

It has been her dream to start her own school

and she is very excited to branch out on her own now.


Infuses Hispanic Cultures into curriculum

She is native of Peru and infuses the curriculum with her culture

and the many other rich Spanish-speaking cultures in the world.


Daily Routine creates Structure

Susi starts every day with Circle Time and has a special song for

many activities - from washing hands to climbing stairs safely.


Kind, Sensitive and Nurturing

She is especially gifted in working with little ones and has been known to transform kids

with behavioral sensitivities and help them to build security and confidence.